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Taste / Memory - Ned Lawlor

When we think of memories that are impactful to us, its often the case that we remember images or feelings at first, and taste is often left behind. When we approach it the other way however, tasting anything now which we may have tasted in the past can bring up very strong memories to the forefront of our mind. This is due to the olfactory system being tied very closely to the hippocampus, which is the part of our brain that stores memories. The memory bar project is extremely interesting to me as it looks to share the memories of others by allowing you to experience those sensations of taste, smell and touch which appear lost to us, and in doing so we can indulge in the full experiences

of others to encapsulate their memories fully.

My work with taste as an experience has varied to a point of excess between multiple bars and restaurants alongside these incredible projects with Society of Cocktails but I believe that this project may be the furthest that my work has reached when looking at taste as memory in order to recollect and exhibit. It is incredibly thrilling to work in such a brilliant team to bring together such an experience and I am truly grateful to be a part of it.

Working with taste in such a manner is more than simply making something that tastes good and is enjoyed by the guests, it is creating something that is so reminiscent of a particular feeling or sense that those in the experience are transported to that place as well. This is what makes me the most excited about the project, the ability to look at a brief and work out which particular senses I could extrapolate in order to fully immerse our guests in the experience.

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