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Concept - Thomas Buckley

I aim to use emergent technologies as a poultice to draw out our humanity. My work is often described as inspiring wonder or seeming like magic, although I rebel against this description.

Clarke’s Third law that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” - is in my opinion, a dangerous platitude. As we engage more reliantly with technologies seeing ourselves as separate; dichotomising the human and the digital breeds distance, inncasability and immoral use.

I work with the lower senses, taste and smell, in cooperation with digital- often activating objects to become charged with human stories and experience. I’m interested in memory, empathy and universal experiences. By using ingested material, odour and taste I’m able to talk to ancient parts of another person's brain, physiologically we emote to smell before we perceive it. I believe there’s a power in wonder and although I think this needs balance, I don't believe it needs restraint.

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